Gun Safety Resolution

Indivisible Kirkland and KirklandSafe collaborated to create a proposed resolution that asks the Kirkland City Council to partner with the community to prioritize gun safety in our city and in our state. To that end, we are putting forth a list of priorities that can be met through state legislative action, City of Kirkland reforms, and community initiatives.  This resolution, which the Kirkland City Council will be voting on, asks the City to commit its time, resources, and lobbying efforts towards this important public safety issue.

A link to the proposed resolution can be found here:  Resolution to Save Lives through Gun Safety

We are asking community members to write letters of support to the Kirkland City Council indicating support for the resolution.  These letters could contain personal stories or experiences, or they could contain explanations for why you feel gun safety reform is important.  These letters will be included in the packet delivered to the Council when the resolution is proposed.  Here are two sample letters to help with ideas, but please use your own words as much as possible:

Sample Letter of Support (1)

Sample Letter of Support (2)

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