LWSD Equity Now

LWSD Equity Case Study: Events at Eastlake High School Leading up to 9/11/21


The following is an examination of the events leading to the controversy at Eastlake High School around 9/11/21.  These events caused and continue to cause great harm to BIPOC students and staff. This is an example of situations that happen in schools across the district and missed opportunities for district leadership to support building staff and the BIPOC community.  These events illustrate why the district needs a) an equity policy at board level, which it did not have until very recently; b) a bold anti-racist administrative equity policy crafted with the help of BIPOC stakeholders; c) district-level and administrative support for building level equity teams, which involve BIPOC students, families, and staff.  

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(LWSD Equity Now is a grassroots community group, of which Indivisible Kirkland is a part, that is working on equity issues in the Lake Washington School District. For more information on LWSD Equity Now, contact info@ikwa.info and we will point you in the right direction.)