Permanent Supportive Housing in Kirkland – yes, please

What is permanent supportive housing (PSH)? 
Permanent supportive housing pairs subsidized housing with case management and supportive services and is a proven solution to chronic homelessness. PSH offers wrap around services to foster housing stability, which may include case management, counseling, behavioral health supports, medical services, and meals.

Tell Kirkland City Council that you support the plan to turn La Quinta Inn into permanent supportive housing to address homelessness in our community.

Why do Indivisible Kirkland organizers support PSH?

  • Housing is a human right. 
  • Stable housing is foundational for a person’s health, stability, and ability to plan for the future.
  • Addressing the circumstance of homelessness is a responsibility of the entire community.  We are in this together.
  • We want to implement programs that have proven economic and social outcomes.
  • PSH is one of those proven strategies.
  • Additionally, we must not, as a community, forget about those neighbors who face the threat of homeslessness.  Citywide renter protections are an important partner piece to PSH. 

What are the positive outcomes of PSH (compared to homelessness or shelter)? (From Report: Using Hotels as Housing)
For Residents:

  • Greater sense of stability, leading to more capacity to work towards goals for future.
  • Improved health and well-being (Many folks find themselves unhoused because of medical bills or medical conditions – PSH is essentially healthcare, making individuals and the community healthier.)
  • Higher exits to permanent housing and greater engagement with housing services.
  • Reduces exposure to Covid.
  • Reduces 911 calls.

For Community:

  • Reduces homelessness
  • Reduces spread of Covid
  • Reduces number of 911 calls (compared to shelter)
  • Potential to build community through partnership with residents and service provider 

Health Through Housing
Report: Using Hotels as Housing
The Corporation for Supportive Housing
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